Those sneaky crisis pregnancy centers…

My little sister is graduating from college soon, and one of the fun things about having a sister who’s nine years younger than me is that I get to see how much social attitudes have changed in the years since I was that age. It can be depressing to see what’s going on with liberal feminism, but a lot of the time she reassures me that not everyone her age is insane. The biggest differences between our college experiences, other than age, are based on the fact that she’s at a nominally Lutheran co-ed liberal arts college majoring in art, whereas I went to a women’s college and majored in chemistry. The women’s college was nominally Catholic but it was really easy to forget that with, for example, the way the entire campus was decorated for Pride week/month. Or the vulva lollipops sold in the cafeteria once a year.

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Will sex robots make men respect you?

This article is written by a woman who probably believes that she’s being very objective and reasonable. But it’s such a bad idea!

It’s premised on the idea that male violence and resentment toward women are caused by sexual frustration, which conveniently absolves society from having to consider that maybe we should stop acting like men are automatically entitled to women and power (thereby making them resent women who disagree). People who use evolutionary psychology to say that sex-based differences are innate should have to provide serious evidence.

Also, is the author aware that men who are “bad at talking to women” have to interact with women outside of asking for sex? Like, if you work in a STEM job, and have a coworker who thinks that “female brains” aren’t as suited for STEM, do you think he’ll respect you more if he gets a sex robot?

This is not my wheelhouse

I was recently trying to come up with google search terms that sounded like casual, non-“transphobic” questions about gender. This is because I recently came out from under a science rock, and discovered that everyone seems to be agreeing that you can pick a gender identity based on your childhood taste in clothing (or your need to gain the upper hand in conversations), or something. This wasn’t what I grew up taking for granted about feminism, and it didn’t make any biological sense, so I needed to investigate (despite my vague fear of google sensing that I might be a TERF).

And wow! Everything was so much worse that I thought! I’m not going to go into all of my thoughts on this now, but my relief at finding out that there are a few radical feminists on the internet has gone a long way toward preventing my blood pressure from increasing dangerously. So, I may write more on here, largely to protect my 2nd wave feminist mother from my constant ranting (she seemed pretty sad when I told her what liberal feminism has cooked up). Or I’ll just use this to follow other blogs.